06. CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp 19.5

Last modified by Muhammad Rizwan on 2019/10/11 13:18

Major Features

  1. generate_enum_descriptions porter option was introduced.
  2. TestCaseData NUnit class was supported by porter.

Minor fixes

  1. Bitwise operators were provided for some enums from the library.
  2. Parsing of numeric enum values was supported by Enum::Parse() methods family.
  3. Error was fixed when writing zero length string to XmlTextWriter.
  4. Operator overload lookup was fixed in porter for some cases.
  5. Conversion from user class to nullable wrapper was fixed in assignment operator.
  6. XmlDocument::CreateAttribute was fixed for the case with XML namespace passed.
  7. Remaining references to boost.regex were removed from the library.
  8. Some code smell issues reported by static analyser were fixed.
  9. Enum::GetName() was fixed for boxed flag enum values.
  10. Some clang warnings were fixed in ported code and library headers.
  11. Region::Intersect() method was fixed for the case of two similar regions.
  12. OutOfMemory exception was fixed when using PathGradientBrush.
  13. Assertion fault crash was fixed when drawing empty GraphicsPath with customized pen.
  14. Some Skia internals were exposed for internal use only.
  15. Porting of Assert.DoesNotThrow() was fixed.
  16. Some cases of regex matching against empty string were fixed.

Please consult respective sections of our wiki for more information.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

PDFCPP-938Port Aspose.Foundation.Tests projectEnhancement
PDFCPP-954Fix XmlDocument::CreateAttribute with xml namespaceEnhancement
CSPORTCPP-2639Remove unused boost.regex from cpplibs, asposecpplib and boost build scriptsEnhancement
PDFCPP-953Fix saving document in docx formatEnhancement
CSPORTCPP-2451Fix clang warningsEnhancement
SLIDESCPP-1694Fix Region::Intersect operation of two similar regionsEnhancement
SLIDESCPP-1695Fix OutOfMemory exception when using PathGradientBrushEnhancement
WORDSCPP-638Add support for porting TestCaseDataEnhancement
PDFCPP-959Fix drawing empty path with customized penEnhancement
WORDSCPP-455Manually implement Rendering PAL classes on SkiaEnhancement
TASKSCPP-1121Found error in macro ASPOSE_GTEST_TEST_THROW_ that cause compile errorEnhancement
PDFCPP-965fix asposecpplib regex matching empty stringEnhancement
TASKSCPP-1108Porter generate invalid code while casting user-defined class to nullable oneBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  1. Stub members were added into X509Certificate2 and ProcessStartInfo classes.
  2. A stub was added for HttpWebResponse::GetResponseHeader method.
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